Sunday, May 30, 2010

Taking fashion illustration one step ahead...

              Like all fashion designers part of my job is it to illustrate. I love it! It feels great to create a piece of art and to give a smile. We all love to receive  a personalized gift. So, I was thinking to take  fashion illustration to the next lever for me.
I want to illustrate YOU if you want! I had the pleasure to do it for a blogger friend and the results were amazing.
Send me a picture in your favourite outfit and I will illustrate you, the fashion way! Maybe you want to feel a touch of glamour  and elegance - no problem I can give you that catwalk look. How about the glamour/punk look. the Sex and the city look, the lady in red etc...
You will be an original for sure!
You want to surprise somebody with an unique  fashion illustration gift?- OK, let me know and I will try my  best to make it happen.

I will illustrate and inform you about the result. You will receive a prelook of the illusrtation in pencil by email. If you are ok with the basic idea of the illustration we can tallk about colour or you give me a free run on that part.

By the end of a week I will have your personal fashion illustration done and on the way to you by airmail. The illustration will be framed on a paspartu.
The size of the illustration will be on  A4  if you want an other size let me know.

The price of an A4  illustration will be 35$!Shipping is included in the price.

The illustration will be signed and dated.

You can contact me on the blog or by email: lorenabr

My illustration for today is :

I wish you all a great day! 


  1. Super ideea!Imbini utilul cu placutul...
    Imi place ilustratia de azi.
    Apropo,cred ca ai putea pune postarea acesta in sidebar,mai simplificata,s-o vada si cei care intra pe blog mai tarziu.Zic eu... Bafta,Lorena! :D

  2. Ptr Joker : Da,ai dreptate:) merci!

  3. Stunning, darling!
    Love it!


  4. that illustration of the day is simply fierce.

  5. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE fashion illustrations of you,beautiful Lorena!!!-)*

    My hugs for you,

  6. this is a STUNNING and very moving sketch! wow! i wish you all the best with your etsy shop and your career as a fashion designer.... clearly u are a talented hard working individual. :)

    i bet the the fruits of your labour are right around the corner!



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