Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iris Apfel....pure fashion

We all  have seen pictures of her outfits. Iris Apfel is just an amazing fashion bird, a pioneer in the world of fashion.  From head to toe a vision. The hair cut a signiture, the round framed glasses - a focus and the jewellery the bigger the better.
Her outfit does not work on all of us for sure but on her it just looks perfect. Iris is a woman with a wardrobe of a lifetime, always a head of her time.

She is just fabulous, an icon... without her fashion is not the same. To me she is pure joy an explosion of colours and the perfect combination of pattern, style and courage.
Let Iris inspire you!!!


  1. she's fantastic! i adore her glasses and her quirky style :)

  2. Imiplace de ea! Costumul din piele ar arata vulgar pe o femeie de varsta ei,dar se pare ca ea stie cum sa-l poarte. Ce bine ar fi daca femeile(si nu numai) nu s-ar neglija odata cu trecerea timpului!

  3. I love her style and i like those people that even though they're old already, they still got it.
    This just means that fashion is for all ages:D


  4. Thank you SO much for these reminding,my dear Friend!!!-)*

    She is indeed an Icon and truly,an amazing woman:-)))*

    Much Love,

  5. I love the glasses! Great profile you did here on Apfel!

  6. I totally love her!! I want to be like her when I'm old!!

  7. Absolute favorite post! I love it! Iris is just "oh so fabulous" Her name~ Iris, her glasses~ totally cool, her jewelry~ amazing, and totally a bird! Love it!!!!


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