Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The 7 Wonders Of Fashion...

The world of fashion is every day a  new adventure, a new chapter, a new trend that needs to be out on the streets. We have wonders over wonders in the fashion history.
You want to know what wonder I'm talking about?
How about the corset?

 You love it or hate it... It has a  deep history in Europe and walked all over the globe... It gives you a new body feeling a  new   line, a fabulous waist and can leave you with short air till you get used to it.
You can find it in different forms and shapes. All you need to do is find your perfect fit. It can be pleasure or torture...

My next wonder in the fashion worls is the divine ballgown...

A ballgown and a that every girl's dream? It was sure not mine, that I can say. But isn't it an interesting idea? Think about... do you see yourself in a beautiful long gown? Me? Sometimes, sure why not? But what is it? I say it's simple. A dream, that can become reality, a wonder of feminine power. The gown has more power than you think. It makes a room full of people stop, it it's great, it makes men weak and women crazy. It is forever, pure romance a style to pass on to the next generation.

What could be the next wonder?  It is there since mankind... Can you guess? -It's the hat....

 It is simply to admire, not only the shape, but also the colour and the texture. A divine piece of fashion that makes the world smile. It is the finishing touch of an outfit. The hat frames the face and has a deep history on almost every continent. It can create mystery to the person who wears it, it gives glamour to a lady and power to a man. The hat is timeless and playfull and has always a turn head effect.

The next fashion wonder is all about minimalism, about the pure lines of the body and the cuts. Can you imagine what's about? Let me tell you I'm talking about the tuxedo. What we all love about the tux? It feels just right, here we can sure talk about perfection. Clothes make statement and a tuxedo is more than a statement. Your attitude is pure confindent. You are in power, sexy, covered and powerfull.
Saint Laurent made the tux for women and we all thank him for that. It will always be in style and a piece you need to have in your closet.

Now let's talk skirts... Sure we have skirts galore in all shapes, cuts, forms and colours... I see as a fashion wonder the pencil skirt. Don't you? It's 1950 Dior... and a new skirt shapes comes to life. A new style and a new trend is born. It is sexy, powerfull. a true classic, very sleek, feminine and foe everybody. Sometimes a bit  intimidating, sure it's chic and you can work it damn well and your body goes boom boom... like this icon Marilyn... don't we all feel like her in a tight skirt like that?

Do not worry I still have to talk about the important bling bling.... how can a girl forget that? Answer: It's impossible!!!! LOL My fashion wonder in this area earrings, earrings earrings...It finishes perfectly the frame of the face.It's pure elegance and we all have at least a box full of it. It belongs to every woman and it makes you shine. You find so many different types of earrings and sometimes it's a war just to make up your mind what to pick. Sure I know what your answer is: I WANT ALL!!! We all do, dear! Diamont earrings always a classic, small -always cute and practical, big you talk drama, drama, drama. Silver, gold, modern, crazy and maybe just a safety pin design  it's all out there! 


 And now to the biggest and always in style wonder -the magical high heel. The second lover of every woman the fabulous divine high heel. Nothing else can make you feel so confident, so in control and sexy as a pair of high heels. They make me feel special. It is pure sophistication, sex appeal and sometimes pure pain. What we all want is a Manolo in our closet and a Christian  Louboutin right under our feet walking down the street. Sometimes classic, simple and chic, sometimes why not extreme... 

What are your fashion wonders? 


  1. I love ball gowns... but I hate corsets. I can't stand the constricted feeling they give. Have a great day Lorena! xoxo

  2. Such a great post,my dear Lorena!!!-)*
    I am in love with the corsets...(may be you wrote it in my post time ago)

    I Love whole fascinated and beauty things in Fashion and in the world,I keep my mind always open!-)))*
    Thank you SO much for these nice post!!!

    Much Loveand hugs,

  3. What a fabulous post! Even though corsets are so uncomfortable I just love the look of them. They can do wonders :)

  4. I love this post! I liked what you had to say about each fashion wonder. Very interesting and insightful! Thanks for posting :)

  5. I am loving the corset trend and Christian Louboutins are such a classic!

  6. I love all wonders of fashion presented b you in your beautiful post, but most of all, of course, hats!!!:-)))) Wishing you wonderful day!

  7. This is one of the BEST BEST BESTEST blog posts i have ever read in the fahsion blogging world. :)

    my fashion wonders:
    the leather jacket
    shirt dresses!
    follow and check out my blog! :D <3

  8. Wow amazing post! That first picture is gorgeous

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  9. I love the picture with the woman in tox! great post!!! :D



  10. What a beautiful post. I am always in wonder of the creations by John Galliano. He is such an artist. I simply adore fashion. Its sad that a lot of people dont see it as the art form that it really is.
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  11. A fantastic post! Reminds me again of all the ways I adore fashion... =P

    I love the ballgown too! If I could, I'd wear one every day............ ^_~

    <3 from

  12. I'm glad you all had a great time reading my post. Your comments were fab to read. I wish you all a great day. :)

  13. Fantastic post; I think you hit the nail on the head as to the definitive fashion wonders! It is nothing short of amazing what a great pair of heels can do for a woman's mood and confidence! I don't yet have a smart suit, but it's definitely something I want to add to my wardrobe. Thanks so much for stopping by The French Mouse and leaving a lovely comment!

    Hope Ava


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