Monday, January 4, 2010

Try it bigger...

Inspiration for this illustration is the fab Marie Antoinette... go bigger in style, dare more and have fun. Would it not be fun to show up like that in your fav coffee shop or to pick up a simple burger and a drink? Imagine the  buzz you create and how you put a smile on some faces.
What I basicly want to say is : Enjoy and dare....


  1. i just watched Marie Antoinette a few hours ago! :) i'm absolutely IN LOVE with this design of yours. the bigger the better in this case :D

  2. I love the gowns of Marie Antoinette...I wish I lived in her era. I love those huge ballgowns which will camouflage my non-existent hips. Hahaha!

  3. I have actually done something like that. It is was after one of my photoshoots (in which I was wearing a large full-skirted black ballgown). The photographer and I went out to IHOP for breakfast with me in full regalia! Oh the stares I got...

  4. Great illustration. It certainly embodies Marie Antoinette!

  5. That dress is gorgeous you are an amazing illustrator.
    Thanks for your lovely comments
    P.S.:Do you know any books or web sites that can help me do fashion illustrations?

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  6. To The Trendy Fashionista: Yes. The book is called 9 heads. Sorry I can't remember the author:(
    I hope it helps you a bit.


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