Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beach time...

It's so damn hot here in NZ, I feel like going to the beach... So swim and have fun in style....
What's your beach style?

Never forget your sunscreen....!

PS: That's the illustration  for the swimsuit you see on top of the page. 


  1. i'm so jealous of the weather where you are! it's freezing over here in NJ. love this sketch though, that swimsuit is so fantastic.

  2. Fabulous Lorena... I love it! Sunscreen is a total must-have for beach time.

  3. De mult vroiam sa te intreb ce-i cu costumul acesta.Tu l-ai facut?Anyway,e super!

  4. Lovely maillot, darling! Fabulous illustration, as usual!

    Hope you are having a splendid weekend!


  5. cool illustrations!! i love the little bikini ;)

  6. I love this swimsuit. It's gorgeous :)

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  7. Thank you for the comment, it's much appreciated. That's the most adorably sexy swimsuit ever! Makes me want a mojito... And warm weather like yours.

  8. To Scarlett: Your welcome:) ok you have a mojito and I take a margarita.

    To The Trendy Fashionista: Thank you :)great you like it.

    To Noble Beeyotch: Thanks:)

    To MITICA ILLUSTRATIONS: Thanks, I like your work a lot:)

    To daisychain: I can imagine, I'm not a fan of winter at all:)

    To Couture Carrie: I wish you a great weekend and thanks:)

    To Zanah: Glad you like my illustrations:)

    To ♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫: Da, e parte dintr-o colectie ptr plaja.

    To Leah: Yeah, I can sing a song bout how important sunscreen is... don't want to be tomato face again :)

    To Jen: Thank you dear:) I so do not like winter and snow...I'm a summer child...


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