Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aquarius, il Aquario, der Wassermann, le Verseau ...

It's time for the first horoscope illustration in 2010. It's time to start the year easy, blue, with the most precious element out there... aqua. It's time for Aquarius to step on the catwalk...
Enjoy your sign illustration...
If you want to find more  about your sign have a look on this great link.


  1. So sexy... Can't wait to see Aries.

  2. Very lovely design (aye, I'm interested to see Aries as well. :) ). I love the colour scheme, especially the two-layer contrasts between the one section of top and bottom clothes.

  3. E geniala.Ma duce cu gandul la anatomie.
    Nu faci scorpionul in avans? :D

  4. Stunning, darling!
    Love those legs!


  5. She looks very beautiful, and kind of futuristic.

  6. I love the almost android-like appearance of this piece. The blue and red combination is eye-catching and gorgeous!!! Looking forward to your next horoscope interpretation!

    <3 from

  7. Beautiful, unique and futuristic :) Great art!

  8. This is so cool! would love too see a pisces one! and thats soon too!

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  9. To Leah:Soon Aries will we illustrated :)

    To The Lady Nerd: You are not the only one waiting for Aries. I hope you will like it:)

    To Heavenly Housewife: Thanks dear I hope you like the next sign illustration.

    To ♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ : Sper sa iti placa scorpionul :) soon

    To Couture Carrie: Thank you dear:)

    To KIRAFASHION: Thank you:)

    TO MIss Tofu: I'm glad you like my sign interpretation:) I hope you like the next tooooooooo:)

    To Andrei Barbu: I'm gald you like my inllustrations. By the way I like your work:) Fab pictures.

    To MissNeira: Soon you will enjoy pisces:) and I hope you like it

  10. Oooh....another one of your zodiac illustrations! I love how you incorporated the red in aquarius because traditionally, bright bold colors aren't something you would associate with a water sign! I love this unique personal touch of yours!

  11. Thank you:) I just used the water colours and added the contrast colour orange to give it a dramatic cold touch :)

    I hope you like the next zodiac illustration:)

  12. I'm an Aquarian and I love this illustration!
    Can I use it on my blog and link back here!

    Have a great day!

  13. Sure Marina go 4 it:) I'm glad you like it

  14. i really like your style of combining linear textures with detail -- great illustration. mind if i post a link to your blog on mine?


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