Sunday, December 13, 2009

All in one...

Since you all know I create and love knits I wanted to show you my last piece of many. I hope you like it all. Everytime I have a fashion shoot it´s a lot of fun... This time it was me, myself and the cam timer. No professional studio, no extra lights, not my dear friend Diana and her magic camera. I´m all in one! I always expect a lot from the model who works for me. To hold the impossible positins and the face gymnastic etc... you can imagine. It took me 4 days to finish with the big kimono inspired sleeves. The necklace is knitted as well with the rest cotton thread.
Next week I will be a bit buzy so we hear from each other in a few days.
Enjoy the disaster shoot:))))

The early picture... Still playing around goofy style....

Not good enough, people!!!

Is that diva like for poor?! It helps when you imagine a nice backround, maybe!

Question: Would you wear a piece like that?
PS: What glasses do you like more? I have fun with both:)


  1. Gorgeous sweater, darling!
    Love the red frames too!


  2. I love both glasses... I also have a red framed glasses like yours.

    Love that knits... where can I see your other creations?

  3. Sa-ti spun de ochelari...Imi plac mai mult cei cu rama rosie,dar nici cu ceilalti nu-ti sta rau.In ceea ce priveste bluza,iti spun sincer ca as purta-o.Am vazut ceva in genul asta in Burda.Tu ai facut-o? :)

  4. It looks deliciously comfy! I would definitely wear it. (Pair it with some hot leather leggings, black heels, red accessories, and mussy hair and you're good to go!) :)

  5. i love your knitted sweater, great job with it. it's gorgeous and looks comfy :)

  6. I love the knitted're very talented. I like both glasses, but I think I prefer the red a little bit. Great pictures!

  7. The sweater is so sweet, nice job! I'm loving the second pair of glasses best, the color just pops out of the crowd.


  8. Is it crocheted? In that case ... yes, I'd wear that! Crocheted pieces remind me of the cool 60s!


    PS You're a good model!

  9. Awesome sweater. I wouldnt over accessorize with that sweater because there is already so much beautiful detail there, you wouldn't want to take away from it.
    ... and I like the red glasses :D

  10. To Couture Carrie:Thank you, dear:) Like the red one 2:)

    To Leah: Cool, soon you get to see more of my creations.

    Ptr ♥♥♥Oana Roxana ♥♥♥:Merci, da eu am tricotat aceasta capodopera:))

    To The Ladz Nerd: Yes, I like the outfit you came up with:)

    To Jen: :) Thank you

    To betz: Thanks:) I had a lot of fun

    To Tights Lover: Looks like almost all like the red frame:))

    To Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer: Thanks for the nice comment:)

    To Nina: Thanks I try my best:)) It's knit.

    To Heavenly Housewife: Thank you, Yes, you are right. Like the red 1 :)


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