Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Summer time and the livin' is easy...


I do not know about you out there, BUT I WANT SUMMER BACK!   Der November kommt auf leisen Sohlen! I'm a summer child and just the look of snow makes me feel cold. This top is part of my summer collection ( Beach wear). All I have to say is put warm socks on and drink tea and tea and more tea and did I mention TEA? Be around a cozy fire place and hug your loved one. By the end of the day it's really all it counts. Does not matter who turns off the light who takes the clothes out of the washer ( Ok , but make sure it's not you all the time- yes dear ladies!) All that matters is one more happy day with the person you love. Do we have more that really has a meaning? I mean we have the year 2009 and looks like we have learned almost nothing from our past.jJust look at the news- all is negative.  So at least the days  we have we should enjoy and be happy, and did I mention let it be warm!!!!!


  1. Ditto and ditto. My parents have been running around in short-sleeves and I'm wearing 3 different layers! Well, hopefully 2010 will be a better year. Then again, anything can happen in that length of time, so I think it's better to take things one day at a time. You never know what may happen tomorrow, so just live for today.

  2. Don't blame you for wanting summer around!! you're right, enjoy the days given us and be happy :)) The morning sun is trying to peep through the clouds here. But it'll shine soon. Thanks for visiting my blog. Do pop in again.

  3. Sarut-mana, doamna
    Don' Kenziro (al 15-lea dvs. follower,m-a rugat sa va invit sa vizitati blogul sau "Cronica pasarii-arc", unde se petrec evenimente fata de care ati manifestat interes.
    Va multumesc.

  4. I am the same exact way. I absolutely hate winter and cold!


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