Tuesday, October 27, 2009

C'est sublime! C'est magnifique! C'est pure couture...

Show me one designer that is not fan of Chanel!!!! 
Paris a city of fashion- was and will always be.
Of course as you all know Karl Lagerfeld, also called Kaiser 
Karl, is the designer for the Chanel House.
Just have a look how designer work looks like. 
Now you know why I love this job so much.

I found this great documentary on YouTube from Fashion989.  
I do not own this short documentary. 

This is part one. You find more on You Tube. 

What do you say about his house? I just love this designer air, crazy full of books and 
more books ... all over.
It's a great job and I feel lucky to be able to earn my living by creating.
It's a creative job, in a way unique I guess you can say
'coz we all have our own fingerprint in this

What about you? Don't you love Chanel?


  1. chanel is a timeless classic.. :)

  2. Yes, it's the perfect word timeless. Thank you for your lovely comment. :D

  3. I adore Chanel!
    Fabulous blog, darling!


    P.S. I didn't actually do that illustration ~ it is from stock art; my friend Doug made the banner for me :)

  4. Ah, I envy you. I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Thats ok, i am a housewife and its way cool too :D. I really like Chanel for their evening wear. They do some beautiful gowns, and they usually do some very timeless pieces.

  5. To Couture Carrie:
    Thank you,:D!
    Well Doug did a great job with it. It looks great. :)
    You picked some nice pic with lace. Ador lace, but that you know already :)) Have a nice day.

  6. To Heavely Housewife:
    Yes, they do have timeless pieces and you are right the evening gowns are a dream. I can imagine to be a housewife is not that easy as many think, dear ;).Plus I can imagine that you find good quality time for yourself. It's a luxury today. Have a good day :)

  7. no really, Carl does something wrong with Chanel. he can't stop un the right moment unfortunately..

  8. To Masha: Interesting opinion you have! I believe Lagerfeld takes the House of Chanel to a new level with each collection, always keeping in mind the spirit of Coco. But well that's just my professional eye telling me!

  9. Chanel is a classic, no doubt. I loved how they introduced some colors in addition to the usual black/white in their SS10 collection!

  10. To Noble Beeyotch: Yes I like the new collection a lot and you are right with the colour :)

  11. Great post! I too love Chanel, of course!

  12. Luv CHANEL...wish i could afford to own more of it :)
    Great blog!!! Keep it up.

  13. To Fresh Local and Best: I see you have taste dear... have a goog weekend :)

    To Tights Lover: Thank you I like your blog a lot. It's always interesting n ;)

    To Aubrey: Thank you, I like your blog 2. Maybe you will one fine day. You never know ;)

  14. I'll definitely have to check out that. It looks fantastic. I love Chanel. Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

  15. To Fashion Doohickey: Perfect 3 words ;)Happy Halloween!

  16. I love chanel! One of the best designers if you asked me. you can tell the influence in fashion because a lot of designers try and copy. But none compare

  17. To AutomJones: Yes you are so right. Thank you for checking out my blog :)

  18. i luv unkle karl and chanel,and he is truly a genius for chanel!


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