Monday, September 14, 2009

From catwalk to streets IT touches almost everyone all over the blue planet. - Fashion has become a global attraction.
The industry employs millions, from designers to editors, illustrators, photographers, stylists, models, manufactures, hairdressers etc...
Are we fashion slaves, sure most of us are. We designer comunicate our ideas to a design team. This team simply are pattern makers, buyers, sample machinists. The designer discusses the new idea with the pattern maker, after that the pattern is drafted and the first piece can be produced.
As a designer you need to be on the outlook 24/7. Have a sketch book and please do not rely on your memory. Trust me - years of experience.

Design inspiration...
Everything goes... ethinic cultures, art, past, arhitecture, the famous catwalk, fashion magazines... you name it!
Documentation is you holy book ! How you illustrate or how you work in it is your business. You use the 9 heads template, the match style figure, the triangle form does not matter. What zou need is balance and movement in your illustration.
The goal of fashion illustration is to capture the design the basic idea.
Face, hands and feet can give the illustration a personal designer touch and make your work stand out but it´s not a must. But if you want do not forget the in fashion illustration the head is always smaller and the eyes are very expresive. Hands and feet are larger!Everything is dramatic and over the top.
The most important is the technicak drawing the flats. Working on that you can think about the construction lines the styling details etc. It also helps the pattern maker and the rest of the team to understand your idea better. An illustration can be very hard to figure out sometimes, specially when you are new in a design team or in a company.
To show your design concept create a presentation boars or a story board. It needs to be clean and well created.
You need to include: - your basic idea, your inspiration, the artistic illustration, technical details and fabric samples. Your presentation should capture the mood, the trend and be very original. Name your creation it can be a possible new collection. You can worl online or traditional, just make sure your layout is perfect.
The portfolio...
The portfolio is not just a collection of your work, it´s your marketing tool. It expresses your qualities, your expirience, who you are and shows your skills. Update it , it´s a door to your future. How you choose your portfolio is your desicion. Make sure it looks clean it´s quality and the best way is to keep it simple and black. It gives you elegance and class.
Fashion rocks,


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